Are You Experiencing Symptoms
of Low Blood Sugar?

Many people experience hypoglycemia, or symptoms of low blood sugar and don’t realize it. Have you ever felt like it was hard to think and discovered that your brain returned after having a meal? Have you ever felt especially irritable and then noticed that after you eat your mood changes dramatically?? If so, it is very likely that low blood sugar levels were the cause. 

How Can You Recognize Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar in Yourself?

You can often recognize symptoms of low blood glucose in yourself if you pay attention to three things:

  • What you ate last
  • When you ate last
  • How you feel

If you had a high carbohydrate meal last with very little protein or healthy fat, this can cause your blood sugar to spike and then decrease rapidly, bringing on symptoms of low blood sugar. For example, if you had pancakes with fruit juice for breakfast a couple hours ago and then notice you feel really hungry or have not energy, it is likely due to a drop in your blood sugar.

If you had eaten pancakes with fresh whole fruit, a couple eggs and bacon instead of just the pancake and juice, you would be much less likely to have a rapid drop in blood sugar. Why? Because the fiber in the whole fruit along with the protein in the eggs and fat in the bacon all would work together to slow down your digestion of the meal and prevent a spike in your blood glucose.

The amount of time that has passed since your last meal will also affect your blood sugar levels, especially if your body is used to burning glucose from your most recent meal instead of burning your fat stores for fuel. As many Atkins devotees, Primal followers and endurance athletes will tell you, eating a low carbohydrate diet trains your body to metabolize fat as its primary source of fuel. As a result, blood sugar levels are normalized and you are much less likely to suffer from low blood sugar levels.

However, if your body is used to getting lots of carbohydrates at meals, it will rely on the carbohydrates in your meals as its primary source of fuel. Unless you eat meals every two hours or so, your blood sugar will drop and you can may experience symptoms of low blood sugar.

How you feel can be a great way to determine whether your blood sugar levels have dropped if you would describe yourself as someone who is not naturally moody. If you typically have a sunny disposition and then find yourself irritable all of a sudden, it is likely that the cause could be low blood sugar.

It would be especially useful in that situation if you ask yourself when your last meal was and to think about what you ate last. Unfortunately, if you are naturally moody then feeling irritable all of a sudden could be an indication that your hormones are off, you didn’t get enough sleep, or you are angry about someone else's behavior. 

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