Diabetes Testing Supplies

Here is an introduction to the most common diabetes testing supplies

If your blood glucose level is not within the normal blood sugar range you are at higher risk of developing short-term and long-term complications. Achieving normal blood glucose levels depends on high-quality diabetes testing supplies and maintaining the correct usage. The diabetes testing supplies you need depends on your type of diabetes, your goals in maintaining normal blood glucose levels and the recommendations of your doctor.   

Common Diabetes Testing Supplies


Type 1 diabetics require insulin as do many type 2 diabetics. Diabetics taking insulin require needles and syringes or an insulin pump and insulin for administration. Supplies vital to the results of the testing may also include a cooled or insulated container for insulin transport, a container to dispose of needles, and the correct insulin or combination of insulin. If self-administering insulin, a safe place to keep records is also recommended. Insulin pumps have the capacity to store this kind of information in memory.

Glucose Log 

Recording of blood glucose levels can be done in a log book where blood glucose levels are recorded along with the time of day and the kind and dosage of insulin administered. These same records also need to be kept if one is on an oral medication rather than insulin.

Diabetes Monitoring Kit 

In order to obtain blood glucose levels, a glucometer is needed. A glucometer is sometimes referred to as blood glucose monitor. They are used to obtain blood sugar levels via a finger-tip blood sample. Glucometers require supplies that are specific to the brand of glucometer being used. 

• Needed are a finger stick device with additional finger stick needles

• Test strips that are used to transfer glucose results from the blood sample into the glucometer for reading

• A control solution which is utilized to test new containers of test strips to ensure the monitor is reading them properly.

Special Considerations when it comes to Diabetes Testing Supplies 

The diabetic testing supplies needed may differ depending upon the age of the diabetic and the situation. Recommendations for a woman with diabetes mellitus trying to become pregnant will differ from that of a male of similar age. As target blood glucose level ranges vary, recommended diabetic testing supplies may also differ.

Cost Considerations

A few of the cost considerations when it comes to diabetes testing supplies are:

• Insurance (What does your insurance cover?  What doesn’t it cover?) 

• The Severity of your Diabetes

Diabetes testing supplies and medications needed to help keep a diabetic in control can be quite expensive. One piece of equipment especially popular in diabetics who are difficult to manage, like young diabetics with varying activity levels, is a continuous glucose monitoring device. These devices give continuous and accurate glucose readings in real-time. The devices and the supplies needed for their use are costly and out of the reach of most diabetics unless their insurance can help in covering the cost.


Diabetes testing supplies, used as directed, can help maintain normal blood glucose levels and help prevent or delay the symptoms and complications of the disease. It is vital to keep blood sugar levels normal to help ward off the complications and symptoms of type 2 diabetes as well as those of type 1 and type 1.5 or type 3 diabetes.

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