Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Abbreviated as CGM, continuous glucose monitoring is a specialized system that makes use of a tiny sensor inserted under the skin to check glucose levels in the blood. The device is designed to stay in place for a span of a few days to a couple weeks before it is replaced. From it, information about glucose or sugar levels in the blood is sent via radio waves for the diabetic to know of his state. 

In order to successfully manage their disease, diabetics must regularly keep track of their blood sugar or glucose level.  One way to make it easier is to use a device that automatically does this for them. 

Continuous Glucose Monitoring – Not an Inexpensive Solution

CGM systems are known to be more expensive compared to conventional glucose monitoring devices but since a continuous glucose monitoring system offers to be more promising for diabetics, they are often recommended by healthcare professional, especially if the patient has insurance. Because no finger-stick is needed, and blood sugar is measured every 1-15 minutes or so, experts have found that CGM systems result in better blood sugar control.  

The devices are manufactured by top U.S. and European medical device manufacturers like Abbott Labs and are available only with prescriptions. As mentioned before, they are expensive. If you have the money or insurance is is usually easy to get a prescription for one thru your doctor. If you are interested, talk to your healthcare provider or doctor about it 

Automatic Testing Saves Lives

Real-time blood glucose measurements are provided by the device. Glucose levels, with those displayed at 5-minute or 1-minute intervals, can be monitored. What's more is that diabetics can even set alarms to alert them of their blood sugar levels become too low or too high. These alarm features can be a real lifesaver especially with young children, competitive athletes and the elderly.  

Alarms and Automatic Alerts Save Lives

The alarm feature on some devices can even be programed to alert caretakers and parents.  This saves lives, especially when it comes to hypoglycemia situations where the diabetic might not be woken up by the alarm.  

These advanced devices usually allow users to access and download data to a computer for tracking and analysis.  They are very effective at helping healthcare providers see patterns and trends in your blood sugar levels that might not be obvious otherwise.

Diabetes management is defiantly made easier with a Continuous Glucose Monitoring device. It is a great use of automation. Because many medical teams can empathize with the situation of diabetic patients, they struggled to be innovative and help them with what they are going through. Having the knowledge of what the subjects are battling, they needed to come up with a way to lift some of the burden, which gave birth to the CGM. 

Our Review of a Top Continuous Glucose Monitor – Abbot Labs Freestyle Libre Pro


The FreeStyle Libre Pro sensor will automatically test your blood sugar every 15 minutes for 14 days.  This is great for spotting trends and patterns, especially when combined with a food log where you track what you eat and when.  The downside is that this system is available via a doctor’s office only and typically, they will attach the sensor to your arm and then require you to come back for the readings since the reader can be used for multiple patients.  Therefore, you don’t get immediate feedback about your blood sugar levels and will have to use a conventional blood sugar tester to track your blood sugars while wearing the device.  


This blood glucose monitoring device has a sensor. It needs to be worn on the upper arm with the small filament extending from the sensor inserted 5mm beneath the skin surface to measure interstitial fluid.  Glucose that is present in the tissue cells is then measured and readings provided on a screen for you to read. With this technology, there is absolutely no need for painful needles and other cumbersome accessories. 

Wireless Transmitter

The wireless transmitter sends blood glucose level readings to the receiver. It can cover a 3-meter range and you can wear it during activities like swimming, bathing, and exercising. Nothing is more convenient than having your reading accessible to you at all time.  


The receiver of the freestyle glucose meter displays the glucose readings on the screen for you to see. After you insert the sensor, you can start getting the readings within an hour and the receiver can be carried with you anywhere you go. 


• Easy to use 

• Accurate and reliable 

• Recognizable brand 

• Quick results 


• A bit Expensive compared to traditional blood glucose monitors 

With the introduction of Freestyle blood glucose meter, it has been very helpful to get blood sugar or glucose readings for diabetics. It is a completely new level in blood sugar or glucose monitoring. The best part about such a device is that it is accurate and efficient. With frequent and automatic testing it is easy identify to abnormal patterns and trends that would be hard to see with less frequent monitoring.  Because no needle stick is required, this system is less painful than traditional blood testing.  

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